Free EMC consultation - Get Active!

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  1. Bored?
    Not sure what to do?
    Thinking of quitting EMC or Minecraft altogether?


    This is me- going to help you fall back in love with the game you hold dear to your heart!

    For free, I will take 1-on-1 consultations to discuss how you can get back in the game and find your inner diamond block. You know- that feeling when tunneling and you see it, and it's so close and within your grasp and you have to just reach out and mine it and you're excited? Yea that place.

    Don't let the Endermen steal your spirit! Contact me via PM, SMP8, or for best results; Skype- and let's talk.

    Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. Consultations are 1 at a time or if a group is interested in a project as whole. Leave 'Skype' name via PM and i'll add you ASAP. You will be gotten to as you come, on order.
  2. +1

    How does a pm sound in the next 2 min?
  3. Sounds like I have a first 'customer'. :D
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  4. Anyone, message me anytime. ^__^