Free Diamonds!

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Yes 4 vote(s) 80.0%
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  1. At 6:00 West Coast, the MYSTERY HOLE will be opened! Inside you will find danger, adventure, and...


    That's right, free diamonds! Inside the MYSTERY HOLE! 1965 on SMP1 at 6:00 West Coast, the MYSTERY HOLE will be completed and challengers across all SMP servers will come to test their wits, mettle, and courage inside; in hopes of finding the chest full of 10 diamonds!

    There is no fee to enter. It is a free challenge! But expect no help from the outside. It is every man for himself inside the MYSTERY HOLE. Trust no one. Expect little light. I will formally declare the challenge over when the chest is found.

    9/17/13 at 6:00 West Coast. Are you prepared for the MYSTERY HOLE?
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  2. Just a bump for the thread to let everyone know that the MYSTERY HOLE is indeed open, and nothing has been found yet. Good luck!
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  3. I'm scared. :O