Free Diamonds For All!!

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  1. Yes! Thats right, I've build a machine that gives you a free diamond.
    But, just remember where that free diamond came from, becuse that generous soul did it all just for you! :)

    This can be found at /Visit 3107 .. or /Visit Qwertyip

    It will dispense 1 Diamond every hour. By this, i mean after a Diamond is dispensed, it takes approximately 1 hour for it to be reset. (all automatic) so it works wether im online or not.

    So keep checking back periodically, You might just get lucky! :).

    Pictures Below.
    This is where You Spawn on my plot.

    Stand on the Pressure plate and hope for a diamond.

    Good Luck!
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  2. Very nice redstone work, I would love to see how you did this :) :)
  3. i am wondering how you feed the dispenser while you aren't online from what i understand thats not possible
    i am also wondering how its set to reset every hour i think redstone stops working if no one is near it
  4. Wow, just got given the tour of how it works and it is just pure genius, I have already payed top dollar for one to be incorporated onto my res :DDDDD.

    Welldone man!
  5. The Diamonds are always in the dispenser, Currently loaded up with 38 in there ;)

    The dispenser only works when 2 conditions are met using an 'AND' gate.
    1) When the timer has reached it's end
    2) The button is pressed.
    When both these conditions have been met, it dispenses a Diamond and resets the timer.
    So then, standing on the button from then on doesnt work until the timer is finnished again.

    The timer uses a series of dispensers and pressure plates, it's too complicated to explain.. but hey, i found a use for all that dirt ;) haha.

    As for redstone not working when players arent around, i guess ill find that out tommorow. But if chickens can stick around, i think redstone will keep working too.

    P.s .. I've just stood and stared at a chunk of dirt on the ground for 12 minutes! Normaly, they disappear after 5? Is this a setting on the server Justin?
    This means it actually is only resetting every... 2 hours 20 minutes... lol, oops. But i'll change it tommorow.

    MR2R2M, I'll still hook yours up with 12 dispensers, but bypass a few.. just incase with the update, the chunk disappearing time is back to 5 minutes.

  6. Thanks man! Look forward to having it on my res!
  7. red stone will keep working aslong as you dont have repeaters those mes up when you go offline
  8. i have never understood why everyone calls them repeaters, sure they extend a signal. but they dont repeat, they delay. wouldnt "Delayers" be a more accurate name for them?
  9. Bravo. This is insane!
  10. they repeat the signal to extend it so it can travel further
  11. Guys.... you are both wrong, they are diodes!!
  12. i see someone has read the wiki :p
  13. nah lol, is it on the wiki? I just knew that if you put them the wrong way it stops the current. Thats why I thought they were called diodes. :p
  14. Dispenser V2.0! Made By Qwertyip!

    I made one for MR2R2M today, with some addition delux features.
    The lights along the top indicate how long untill the dispenser is ready.
    When they are all lit up.. It's ready to pop!! :D





    Fun to build :)
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  15. I will say it again Thank You So Much!! Enjoy your 3k :DD
  16. 2011-11-20_19.09.39.png Another Screenshot :D
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