[Free] Arkham Origins...

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by henpenben, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. ....DLC. For Steam.
    Post on this thread to be eligible!
    Ends tomorrow at 12AM Eastern!
  2. I'd like a free game, :D?
  3. Me too :p
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  4. I want this sooo bad
  5. i dunt no this game

    Shady manatee says: But because other people want it, I suddenly have a strong desire for it!
  6. drop the bass
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  8. *Reads Free Arkham Origins* YUSYSUYSYSUSUYUS *DLC* Your eye will be my baseball.... your leg my bat. (I still want dis tho, I want dis game)
    *Checks current price of Arkham Origins*
  9. I want this!
  10. you won yay. send me your email.
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