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  1. My brother has decided that he'd like to create skins for anyone that wants/needs them. There are no charges, and I/him will PM you the finished product when it's done. They'll probably be done fairly quickly, so just let me know if you need it doing fast.

    He made my skin when he'd just started a while ago, and here are some of his more recent/better skins:
    1.png 2.png

    You can order as many as you'd like, although he'll prioritize people who he hasn't made a skin for already - so please don't order in excess. Fill out this form and post it on the thread for one, although if for whatever reason you want to keep the request secret then PM me with it.

    Detailed Description:

    In the description, please describe hair/clothes/eyes/gender if applicable, the more detail you go into, the better the skin will be. A picture also greatly helps, but isn't required.

    Waiting List

    Completed Requests
    Dwight5273 - slight modifications still to be made.

    Some skins may be uploaded to Planet Minecraft on the account BaconBombsMinecraft. Private requests will never be uploaded.
  2. Hi My Name Is Faithcaster
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  3. More Detailed Vash the stampede skin if can :)
  4. He's starting on it now. :)
  5. Okie dokie, can't wait till looks like and in no rush want it make it into my new skin, I've had the same Vash skin since last may :)
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  6. Detailed Description: Something like a dog! :D
    Color(s): Black/White
    Picture: <---------
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  7. I want a skin made out from Dwights profile picture :D
  8. So many already... O_O
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  9. Detailed Description: EnderBrine in a Tux
    Color(s): Black/Peach as skin/Red/
    Picture: Where can I find a picture? -.-
  10. Haha a Hazmat suit with Santa hat :p wore it In a Christmas parade lol
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  11. Hi my name's Ralph
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  12. If your not already I would suggest using this program for editing the skins... It's amazing... It also has functionality for creating and editing HD skins :D
  13. That's what he uses. :)
  14. Can I have a skin please? Creators choice.
  15. You'll have to go into detail, sorry. He's not just randomly making any skin, an idea at least greatly helps. :)
  16. Nice ;) I am never going back too using Skincraft lol, MC Skin 3D is the best :D
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  17. All I want in my skin is a mixture of all of the mobs, specifically creeper, zombie, skeleton, slime, spider, if possible. Use whatever colors you need
  18. Detailed Description:I would like a skin that somehow resembles the unicorn in the game "Robot Unicorn Attack".
    Picture: ROBOT UNICORN!!!!!!!!.jpg
  19. Detailed Description:
    I was thinking of something close to this skin, but with some changes.
    I would like for the shirt to stay similar but with different shade of pick instead of blue.
    The shirt sleeves to be a little shorter then with the rest of the arm to be white with the hands still on the ends.
    Also for the black trousers to be blue, (like jeans).
    The hair to quite similar to Jack's skin.
    The eyes, belt and shoes can stay as they are.

    Yes, I know that seems like a lot but I might just be tempted to give a generous donations of rupees should this be done :)