Fredd's Mansion :)

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  1. Hey EMC Peeps... just finished another mansion on SMP3 (6200) . Multiple floors, crafting room, oven room, enchantment room, main hall, multiple bedrooms, swimming pool, secret room, self-sufficient farm and tree farm (indoors) . rooftop park/ animal space.

    Hope ya like. Thinking of selling it. Now that im done, I want to build another LOL Feel free to browse in game at /v 6200

    If you're interested in buying a MANSION, PM me an offer ;-)

    30+ HD Screenshots:

  2. =O nice mansion!!! I haven't seen it in-game but the way you described it, it seems pretty amazing.
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  3. i cant get pictures to show on this thread... GRRR.... so i just uploaded them to a tumblr post.
  4. I'm not allowed to have tumblr :( I'll check the mansion out next week ;)
  5. Kool!
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  6. Awesome! :D
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