Frames Per Second Obsession

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  1. What is with everyone's obsession with having a higher FPS than everyone else.. Minecraft is technically a sandboxish type game and can run pretty well at 20-40 FPS.. That is what I run at unless I hit lag spikes and drop to 0.
  2. I aim for 60FPS at all times, Any less and it get's choppy.
  3. I have a lot of programs running on my computer, so I'm down to 60 fps. Normally I get 90-110 fps.
  4. You only need to aim for your monitors refresh rate. Any higher is just wasting power.
  5. This is on max settings. It's not what I aim for, It's what I get.
  6. Then you get just right :)
  7. 90-110 is boss
  8. If you are running normally and the FPS is 20-40, and there are no problems visually or functionally without lag spikes, does that mean I have a poor monitor/graphics accelerator? I run a quad-core with integrated Radeon HD graphics.
  9. I should probably add that my PC is Quadcore 3ghz AMD Athlon II 640 with 10gb RAM
  10. Well, my pc is old and is running on I think 30 fps... :(
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  11. my computer has such a low speed that i cannot have anything else running when i play minecraft, or it will not play right at all. even skype, or to have on in the background.. it makes it glitch, lag, and freeze :( trying very hard to get my old computer upgraded.
  12. My computer is really new and powerful, and it plays games like Skyrim with high settings on everything well, but for some reason, I can hardly ever get my FPS above 30 in Minecraft. I think my graphics card doesn't deal nearly as well with OpenGL as it does with DirectX.
  13. As long as it doesn't feel like I'm blacking out and missing moments of the game then I don't really care what my FPS is like. :D
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  14. Interesting. Second post and everyone's comparing fps rates. I was hoping for a thread discussing ways to improve performance through java settings or some such.

    Same here kilmannan. As long as I'm not falling off of cliffs and can maneuver well enough to avoid getting blown up by creepers I'm good. Anything else is icing on the cake.
  15. While working at the maze me and BeLugh started with 200FPS both, while building we added much redstone and other sources which increase the FPSdrops. At a certain point we had 90FPS left and we had 3 more levels to build so we had to decide not to use redstone or RTS anymore as it decreases FPS. My FPS while playing is usually just around 130-140 so should be good enough. While whenever it drops to 80-90 for some reason you won't even notice a change.
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  16. I have a 2007 iMac, but I recently upgraded to 4 GB of RAM. I get 20-40 FPS, which is fine for me. :)