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  1. Hello Minecratians. I'm FPSminecraft, and this is my bow. Its a mrkFlameInfinity100. Its arrows are on fire, and they never run out.

    Today, I will be showing you how to use it, and also how to make a nice little supper! Lets get started. First thing you will want to do, is pull back the string. After that, just let go, and you will have fired the bow. Now, lets cook some supper!

    Over here, I have a little thing to shoot out some spawn eggs.

    Each one will fire one cow spawn egg. Now, lets start!

    Now that we have butchered the cows, lets eat!

    But I am not done.


    In this house, I have trapped some villagers.

    Now, lets blow some brick up!


    That's all for now, and remember, have a nice day.

    *Might make more*
  2. Like a youtube video, but its not one. :)
  3. How did the arrow light tnt? Imma test with w27a
  4. It cant really, I just used F&S in between pictures. :)
  5. lol. this is my weapon. there are many like it but this one is mine.
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  6. Please do, I enjoyed this one very much. :)
  7. Shouldn't it be "And always, have nice day!"?
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  8. Hello, I would love to be your camera man. If we would need a server i can set one up. Even a tekkit one.
  9. Tekkit!!! Me gusta!
  10. Make a logo.
    FPSMinecraft. Then show like a Diamond Sword or something.
  11. This reminds of Antvenom's How Real Men Play Minecraft.
  12. Reads:
    Thinks: No you're not...you're MrLegit.
    Sees Rest of Post: Ohhhhhh xD
    Haha I enjoyed it. :) Especially the "