FPSminecraft: TNT CANNONS!

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  1. Hello once again fellow minecraftians, I'm FPSminecraft and today, I am going to show you not one, but two TNT cannons! TNT cannons are the artillery of the Minecraft world. They work by having TNT explode in water before the TNT that will be launched does. When the TNT explodes, the last block of TNT is sent into the air, and will explode.

    That big wall of wood? That's our target. Its big because TNT cannons have no set launched distance. Now, LETS HAVE SOME FUN!

    TNT cannon #1:

    TNT cannon #2

    Number two was pretty lame, lets try it again.

    That was much better!

    Well, as most of the wall is still still standing, lets blow it up!

    That is MUCH BETTER!

    Well, that's all for now, and remember, have a nice day.
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  2. Any ideas for the next one?
  3. Pathetic compared to my scorpion tank. Its a double tnt cannon.
  4. But this is vanilla.
  5. Soo is mine. It is a forge of two. The repeators are in middle and the redstone on the sides.