FPS 0 then crash

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  1. ok so i was just on and i went back to my res and not 5 seconds later my fps dropped to 0 and then crashed. is this happening to anyone else? or is it just me?
  2. I will go to your house and see if it's just you.
  3. Just went to your res, took 10 minutes to get away :confused: Didn't crash but WOW! That was bad.
  4. Happened to me earlier :/ Do you have any fireworks nearby?
  5. Look for fireworks we had a problem with them on smp8 yesterday, took like 25 minutes to take care of :p
  6. I have no fireworks anywhere on my res. I have an idea of what it might be, but there is no reason for it to be affecting my res now cause it's been up for months. Might be my redstone lab's lighting system, it is quite extensive and is constantly on. Would be almost impossible to get to with the lag though.
  7. can someone check the surrounding res' to mine and see if anyone has any fireworks going? maybe it's that.
  8. Redstone could be the cause... I know the 8 problem was fixed after I dumped water on the redstone
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  9. ok it's Portalshoo2er's res. i can't get closer than a half a res away from his place without lagging out. and i see fireworks. can a mod please do something about this when you have time? i'll be playing planetside 2 :p
  10. Yesterday while in mumble some players went to an empty slot(They have been there before without problems) and their FPS dropped to 0 and they had to quit minecraft because they got frozen.
  11. If your FPS has dropped to 0 that means the frames aren't updating - you've already crashed unless it goes back up again.
  12. im on smp5 and i believe i am getting 0 fps while im standing in the middle of the road. i have not been able to move for the past 2 days, i can log in but i just cant move.
  13. Is this some kind of bug or just crazy redstone, it seems to come in waves. I had an issue with fireworks left on on crownthempir3 's res today
  14. This happened about a week ago on SMP4... We didn't track down exactly what was causing the lag although with Aikar turning of all redstone on the server it saved us from crashing our clients so, best ask him I guess :confused: