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  1. Hi everyone, I'm Riskyfox! I am but a simple miner/swordsman/farmer/sailor looking for a place to call home, and friends to... well be friends with!

    I'm not the greatest with intros... so if'n there's something you wanna know, jus' ask! I'm an open book!
  2. Wait are you a fox or an open book? lol jk welcome to the Empire! I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I have :)
  3. Hey man, welcom to EMC! Which server you on? SMP1 FTW!
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  4. Is the book made of fox hides?
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  5. ... There is a flaw in my logic... Curses!

    Anyway, yes from what I've played on server 2 (Sorry, Terr.) I will be having much fun! Much more than by myself.

    A book made of fox hides?! D: My life is a lie! like the cake...
  6. Aha, another one. :D Welcome to the Empire, vulpine friend!
  7. Thank you for the welcome, Raenis. So I take it there are more foxes here?
  8. There is Kenokam but he doesn't really get on anymore. He is addicted to Ghost Recon Online.
  9. SWM your avatar scares me :eek:
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  10. SMP2!!!! Go visit my Res (If you have free time) Its Res 4373 :) why not look at my shop :)
  11. A shameless plug, Squizzel, hehe. :p

    Well, there's me. And apparently Kenokam, as SWM mentioned.
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  12. :[ OK :p
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