FOV (field of view) setting

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  1. So, as everybody (or mostbody [sic]) knows, Minecraft has an FOV setting in it:
    (Your Texture May Vary)

    This slider goes from Normal (70) to Quake Pro (110):
    fov-norm.jpg -> fov-quake.jpg

    I can only speak for myself of course, but if I go much higher than Normal, I literally get nauseated and dizzy. It's hard to see on a still image screenshot, but the higher values of FOV makes movement really awful to look at. Does anybody here use anything else than Normal? It makes me really sad when I want to watch YouTube videos made with settings other than normal, because it simply means I can't watch them without getting sick to my stomach. Am I the odd one out, or does anyone (or mostone [sic]) else experience this effect?
  2. i used to play with it when they first introduced it.. but I do get motion sickness if i run around with it to long.
  3. I use the Quake Pro setting all the time. Never had an issue with motion sickness.
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  4. Haxxx!
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  5. Yeah, I keep it on normal because the other stuff makes it look distorted to me. Someone once said to "put it to Quake Pro and then double tap W to run!" Yeah...I tried it. Not that great to do when you're still trying to get used to everything.
  6. The cool thing (and maybe it's the same way with FOV normal?) is that if something is at the far left or right of my view it is zoomed quite a bit. So I can "turn my head" and get a close up view of stuff.
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  7. you get that effect somewhat with normal.. but it is definitely exaggerated with quake pro