Fourth Residence?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by MammothCat, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. I'm a diamond supporter and then on smp3 The residence system glitched and gave me a fourth res XD

    That's really funny but im gonna follow the rules and delete one of my residences

    But look into it please :D

  2. Erm, Diamond supporters are allowed to have 4 residences, this isn't a glitch :)
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  3. Yeah. Ever since smp's 8 and 9 were introduced Diamond Supporters have been allowed to own 4 residences. This is not a glitch.
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  4. Yes. Diamond Supporters now have access to a fourth residence. Isn't that grand? :)
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  5. All right i understand. Heh i thought that it was a glitch
  6. speaking of a fourth res, the way this is going, we might get a 5th res by august XD
    at least a 5th, maybe a 6th?
    hell maybe even a 10th! wouldnt taht be swell?
    from now on all my res's will be bad! so from 5th and on it will be pure crap! that way once i get 9 crap lots i can go to smp x (variable number) and claim 9 lots in a 3x3 grid!