[Fourm game] Your own little wolrd

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  1. In this game, you are the "god" of a little world you have created. You name it, then you can do whatever you want to it. You can make the world the most feared planet of the galaxy , or make their lives miserable. it's all up to you :)
    i'll start:

    Name: the jtc0999anites
    after the small group of jtc0999anites are created, I tell them to go to the land of Nauh, for that will be their home.
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  2. Name: Time Lords
    after the War they where made merciless and I left my kind to help the universe
  3. Name: Golfers of the Club galaxy in the Golf Universe
    After the little kids make their first hole with a putter they get $100000000000000 and live forever on a grass covered planet called heavenopia.
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  4. Name: Daleks
    Planet: Skaro
    Some inferior time traveling race tried to stop us during a war, committing self-genocide. Their deaths are in vain, as we remain, and always will.
    Daleks of supreme.
  5. this is when your world is CREATED. Either your people are very smart and build things quickly, or some of you are very cruel gods xD
  6. Time Lords are cruel...that's why I left
  7. World: Pielandia
    Population: 5000 pie people
    Its a small place, and we all like pie, its made of pie, the people are made of pie, and we only speak in tones of pie.

    We start construction on our first city, Pumpkin. This is to be our capital. I give them all the needed time, breaks, pie, and parties, and we finish in a week.
  8. The jtc0999anites make it to the land, and they begin constructing their little base