[Fourm game] Assassin

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    IceCreamCow has been assassinated, and EMC is in chaos.
    Aikar cannot do anything, for he is too afraid he is next.
    One by one, all the Moderadors and Admins are killed.
    It is up to YOU to find and stop the assassin!

    No Godpowers
    Nothing "unearthy"
    Must eat and drink to keep character alive.
    Rememer: ANYTHING can happen, so always stay on guard.
    My word and any other Mod/Admin's is law.

    Character name
    Age (Min. of 35)
    skills (Max of two)
    Weaknesess (Min. of one)
    Prefeared weapons
    Starting weapon(s) (Max. of two)
    intelligance level (Max. of 10)

    Once enough people have joined, i will chose ONE person to be the assassin. That person will have to stay hidden for as long as possible, but do things that seem suspicious.
    If too much time has passed, i will announce the Assassin, and whoever gets to him/her first and kills this person, Wins!
  2. name Gear
    age 37
    skills great with a sword
    weakness Justin Bieber music
    weapons a big sword
    start weapons a big sword and a bottle
    intelligence 9.46
    (is this good?)
  3. Action: Gear kills a nearby cow with sword, eats cow, and drink its blood...
  4. The game has not started yet.....
  5. oh you didnt exactly state when it started so.. ingnore my 2nd post