[Fourm game 2] Guess that movie!

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  1. This is how it works: I will come up with a famous movie quote, and everyone has to guess it. The person who guesses correctly Can then place another movie quote, and the cycle continues.
    Here's mine:
    "Frankly my dear, i don't give a D*mn"
  2. 1. You can say damn.
    2. It is Gone with the Wind.
    3."Why so serious?"
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  3. The Dark Night

    "Do the Truffle Shuffle"
  4. The Goonies
    "No [MAIN CHARACTER], I want you to die!"
  5. Star wars? :oops:
  6. Goldfinger

    "I Love Lamp" :D
  7. Ancohorman

    'If youre not fist, yer last!'
  8. No idea. :oops:

    "Its just a flesh wound"
  9. No idea xD

    "Hey, look [character's name], [character's name] got your smile just right!"
  10. talledeaga nights...not sure how to spell it
  11. Not sure

    I was here first. Get a roof.
  12. Iron Man 2

    “Where was ya, Wang? We was worried.”
  13. Wit Willie?

    "You Branded Her Dr (insert Name Here) My people were branded back in the war,"
  14. Dr. Who? or back from the future cant remember -.-

    "Allo Puppet"
  15. Pirates of the Caribbean

    “I killed the president of Paraguay with a fork. How have you been?”
  16. Nope Its the island, Really oldfilm (ish) Not bad guiess though see where your coming from
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  17. Take off this mask I want to see you with my own eyes.
  18. Grosse pointe Blank
    Watched it last week!
    "Its Not Leaking its OVERFLOWING"
  19. V for vendetta? That quote is from sooo many movies :confused:
  20. I love you my Son??? Maybeh?
    Easy one now: Luke i am your father.