FOUND: Skeleton Horse

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  1. Lost Horse, Found near spawn. Skeleton Horse; Name of "Aikar's Steed" Looking for Owner.
    Owner must prove he owns the horse by riding it, and pay me 1 million rupees as a token of gratitude. 2013-08-20_10.01.27.png
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  2. Did u take him to ur res? I saw him earlier too. :) i will help you find the owner.
  3. >.> It's a huge joke. The horse is back at spawn, as it teleported there :p Aikar needs to be more careful...
  4. Yeah he does. Why cant we get this kind of horse though? They are so cool. Aikar and bigdavie have really cool ones.
  5. AHH! It's true, a skeleton horse. It's not mine... but I would want one. Well, nice find! :D
  6. It's coz they would ruin the horse market. Plus they can't be obtain through legit ways ;3 Well, other than horse napping...
  7. A while ago I found this at the end of BigDavie's maze...

    Looks like both Aikar and Davie have steeds :p
  8. I have seen it too :D But, at least it's still on his res >.>
    I pushed the horse to my res lol.
  9. All Sr. Staff and Admins have their own horses. Simple as that...
  10. I'd pay some serious rupees for a Skeleton horse
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  11. halloween is right around the corner no doubt there will be a promo
  12. also those horses are still kind of bugged so aikar is likely balancing them and fixing em (it wouldnt let me edit my post)
  13. Totally!
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  14. whats bugged about it?
  15. Lol you reply to my thread about stealing-- I mean finding your horse and you want the bugs, not the horse lol
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  16. well maybe you already fixed it idk. on other servers they couldnt be saddled or if they were when you logged the saddle would disappear
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  17. I asked Jack about them, and they are staff only, for now at least :cool:

    ooh, idea:
    Maybe as a super rare spawn in the wild during one day in halloween only?
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  18. That maze took forever when I did it…

    Also, he has two of those. :confused:
  19. i saw it too, I think is was on smp4 or somthing
  20. You should name the horse Fright. :D