Found Items on smp3

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by FWRonald, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. While exploring in the waste today, I ran across some items floating in the air. I put down a chest and placed everything inside. I have the co-ordinates if you pm me and tell me what you had. Hope you get your stuff back.
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  2. I once found someone's death crater from a creeper blast while wandering around.. I put their things in a chest and made a grave for them.. :p
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  3. Yeah, I suggest a grave for the items, or they could have been stolen already by cold hearted peoples...
  4. Moderators know they are there and the co-ordinates.
  5. An idea for the future would be to bury the chest one block into the ground so some random guy doesn't stumble upon it and take it. The person who died would know where to dig because of their deathlog :)
  6. Well maybe they just had to drop some stuff because it was cluttering their inventory, was it crap that is "useless" in a way?
  7. What do you mean?
  8. You asked a question.
    I replied.
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  9. lol, but what do you mean "No." for? Was I wrong in something? Was the drops good?
  10. It was probably some form of decent gear/tools/other supplies.
  11. You got it Haro_Der