Foster's Home for Newcomers (Noobs)

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  1. As a child one of my favorite shows were Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. I thought. mmm how could I make this in Minecraft? Obviously I am not talented enough to built a replica of the House.

    So I decided to make Foster's Home for Newcomers.

    First of all you need know that a nice way to say Noob is newcomer.

    Second of all you need to know that it will offer cheap housing (Maybe 100r every two weeks) with awesome apartments. It will be self sustained because it will have Farms, Tree Farms, Stone Gens, Animal Farms (Except Cows, You will be kicked out if we find out you have Leather/beef/leather Armor. It will also have TP pads to malls, Small businesses, and also Awesome Places.

    It will also Feature Classes to teach them how to not be newcomers.

    After 1 month of living at the Home you will receive a DC of Materials to help start your house on your residence.

    To Donate Please go to /v 415 and drop items into the hoppers or send Rupees to Jeanzl2000.

    Thank you for your time. Hopefully with this the newcomers of the Empire can be successful.
  2. Great Idea!
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  3. Awesome idea! Hope this works out. Would there be any chance of me helping with this.
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  4. I remember this show, Good luck with this!
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  5. Ah yes, this show. I'll just say that this show eventually led me to another show, one I make blatantly obvious to everyone.
    This is a great idea, but if you don't change your skin to Herriman or Madame Foster I swear...
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  6. Ha. I remember that show. My dad got me into it when I was 6 and I loved it.
    In order of shows I got into:
    • Baby Shows (2000, Mum & Dad)
    • Dragon Ball Z (2003, Dad)
    • Doctor Who (2005, Mum & Dad)
    • Prehistoric Park (2006, myself)
    • Foster's Home (2007, Dad)
    • Primeval (2007, myself)
    After 2009 I went through this period where I never watched a TV program other than Doctor Who and Primeval. Then in 2011 I lost interest in Primeval and picked up my DBZ stuff again.
    2012 - Lost interest in Doctor Who, began stalking The Walking Dead.
    2013 - The interest in Doctor Who is back .__. (I can thank my nerd-friend for that)

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  7. Thing i find funny is Lauren Faust made Fosters home, as well as MLP :D
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  8. I don't watch TV cuz I don't have one.
  9. google is your friend
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  10. I need rupees to continue the project...

    To fund the project Who wants to live in Room #201 for 1 month for _k?

    State how much you would be willing to donate. Also picture of the room:

    You can see that there are 3 DCs (You will get 5 more in a storage room)
    A microwave, Couch, Book Tv, 2 Furnaces, Crafting Table, Ender Chest, Juke Box, Brewing Stand, a King Sized Bed.