[Forza Motorsport Business] K and S Dealership

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  1. Do you need a car or design on Forza Horizon or Forza 4? Well we are here to help! My friend and I have started this to get YOU the right car, especially on Forza 4. We only charge a little less than the price of the car and any upgrades there are. The designs just matter on the difficulty. You can look for our cars and designs on the Auction House on Forza 4, but we are getting set up on Horizon. There will be "K and S Dealership Car" in the description.

    If you'd like to join, look for our club on Forza 4 and eventually ( Couple hours -Couple days) Horizon, send a request and we (my friend and I) will talk about it
  2. Good to know I'm not the only one that owns Forza here! I mostly play Horizon though.
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