Forward Unto Dawn

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  1. Recently, on July 1st, a trailer for an official live action Halo series was shown.

    I am very excited about the creation of this, being an aid Halo fan. It goes deep into the backstory of Halo, and I feel it makes up for the movie that never was.

    What do you think about this trailer, what does it mean to you?
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  2. It means that my friend is probably going tog et it so I don't have to buy the game and I get to play it at his house. Muhahahahaaha .....
  3. Halo is kinda played out. hopefully the new developers do something special with it to bring it back.
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  4. I'm pretty sure Spartan Ops, and the new Forge, new weapons, etc. will spice it up.
  5. I just know I adored the Epic fel of Halo when it came out. But the guns, and the shields, and taking 3 minutes to kill somebody made it feel... Childish after a while.
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  6. I'd just like to say this. They are wearing 1+ ton armor.... So of course unlike the *reality* of COD, you dont die in 1 hit. And aiming 2 feet away will not kill you either.
  7. So a plasma sword can cut through that with 1 hit, but a plasma GUN cant?
  8. It has to do with the concentration of plasma used per hit/"bullet".
    The energy sword uses a very high concentration of plasma in its blade giving it the ability to cause 1 and 2/3 of shield damage, or be completely fatal if used in a lunge attack.
    The plasma rifle on the other hand uses a smaller concentration of plasma per "bullet" thus making it weaker in its effects on the Spartan shields and taking longer to cause shield depletion and death.
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  9. Someone likes details/Has done their studying. :p
  10. Lol. I own a lot of Halo stuff xD
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  11. Nice xD I just got a xBox 360 but I'm not sure I want Halo yet... Convince me people...
  12. It's better than nothing.
  13. True dat...
  14. 1 reason why you need halo, You don't get little kids saying they fornicated with your mother. Or something like that...
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  16. Exactly my Toasting friend. EggsACTLY.
  17. I see what you did there...
  18. I see what you toasted there...