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  1. Screenshots are very useful on EMC - both in game and on the forums. When submitting reports, screenshots are the best and most efficient method to get the rule-breaker banned, although some people may have trouble with them.

    N.B. Methods vary between operating systems. The majority of this guide refers to Mac/Windows operating systems.

    Taking the screenshot
    1. Get to where you would like to take the picture. Then press F1 (Default). This will hide your HUD (i.e. your toolbar, hands, health/hunger bar, etc.). Once you've done that, further align your shot. Note: This will remove your chat screen as well, making it hard to report players if they are griefing!
    2. Press F2 (Default). This will take the screen shot. Once satisfied, you can press F1 again and return your HUD.
    How to locate and upload your screenshots
    1. Open your start menu and locate the search bar. Type in "%appdata%" (without the quotes of course). You should see a file/folder entitled "Roaming"- click it.
    2. In the "Roaming" folder, you should find a file/folder entitled ".minecraft". Open this.
    3. Inside the ".minecraft" folder you should find a folder entitled "screenshots" - instead of opening the "screenshots" folder, click and drag it to your desktop. This will create a short cut for later use. It won't move the folder, rather create an easier way to locate the folder.
    4. Proceed to the EMC forums. When posting, you should see a button called "Upload a file" at the bottom along with 2-3 other buttons. Click the "Upload a file" button and locate the "Desktop" option. Click it. You should see a "screenshots - shortcut" file. Open it up. This will bring up all your Minecraft screenshots. Simply click one you wish to upload and it is as simple as that. Repeat this step to upload multiple pictures.
    You can also upload them via other methods (required if uploading in a PM), EMC kindly has one installed for us though.

    http://imgur.com/ is the most useful alternate site for uploading, you can also create an account so you can save uploaded images.

    To upload a media file (video) to the forums, simply find the video (YouTube) URL and paste it into the box that appears when clicking this button:

    Original guide by Srgntcuddles
  2. I took a screenshot and it won't show up. I tried searching it's screenshot number, but it coulden't find it. What do i do? I need that screenshot.
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  4. Just to mention, when the next XenForo version comes out, if EMC updates, the way to upload files will completely change. Otherwise, great guide! :D
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