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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by MageTrixx, May 27, 2014.

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  1. I have been bidding/voting since im unable to log on to the game and I thought I won an auction and I guess I was off by about an hour an a half. Could someone tell me where I can see the current forum time and what time it is now according to the forum. For me, it is 7:51pm right now.

    And just curious, if it says bidding ends 24hrs after last valid bid, and say I bid at 1:23pm, so my comment says the same time as I stated, shouldnt I win at 1:23/1:24pm, the next day?
    Im a bit confused with my time and forum time, cuz there seems to be a difference or im just confused. Thanx in advance for replies!
  2. Go to settings, preferences, then go to timezone. Select your timezone if it is not already correct.
    That is what it means, unless your bid was invalid according to the rules, or if someone bids after you before 24 hours has past.
  3. Just look at what ever the last post time says, then its 24 hours in your own time zone from that.
  4. very nice, thanx for the link snowybearr, didnt know i could set the forum to my time zone.
    And same to oalf_c, my pc was correct time but wrong time zone. Ty for the replies!

    Close or lock thread plz and ty
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