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  1. Just wanna know what forum template EMC are using. I'm planning to make a website with a forum for my university club and I think the theme of EMC forum is nice looking.

    Thanks :)
  2. EMC uses XenForo as the software. XenForo costs $140 sadly. The theme EMC uses is modified but it is based on the Flexile Theme by Erik Swan. There is quite a variation of forum software around that is free. So I recommend taking a look at those before shelling out $140.
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  3. EMC uses Xenforo, which costs $140 (£91 for us british >.>) and the actual un-modified theme itself is Flexile Dark, which costs $20 (£13, about the price of Diamond Supporter).
    Xenforo is quite a nice software to use, after having used it on three different sites and given access to the admin controls and stuff. It also has excellent protection against everybody who sees you rollin' and hates you.
    There are, however, quite a few other forum softwares you can use. I reccomend wordpress. It can be transformed into a forum software rather than a blogging software with some plugins available for download - it also has some quite nicely done themes.

    Also, there's a Forum Software called Joomla... It may be worth your while to get that if you don't want to install Wordpress plugins, but it can be very complex to use.
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  4. Flexile Dark is free. You just have to pay $20 to remove the branding of "Flexile Dark theme by Eric Swan" from the footer.
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  5. My site is wordpress. Click my sig GIF to see it
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  6. Really? 0-e
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  7. Thanks guys. So many replied :D