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  1. Preface: I know this was brought up at least once before in an earlier thread, but the purpose of that request was more about harassment. As I am not being "harassed," personally, I don't feel this is relevant.

    I would greatly appreciate the ability to ignore the posts of certain individuals. I'm finding my willpower to just "turn the other cheek" and walk (/browse) away has become increasingly strained. To date, I've not said anything, and since their posts are not directed at me I see no reason to start a confrontation (forum etiquette and rules aside), but it would be so much easier if I didn't have to train myself to skip over particular inflammatory posts.

    I'm not suggesting other forumgoers change their behavior at all, I would simply prefer the option not to see it so often or frequently.

    I'm sorry if this might seem like a selfish request, but I feel I can't be the only one who'd rather tune people out that avoid certain threads entirely for the sake of maintaining relative peace on the boards...
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  2. If the ignore option existed it could create problems with auctions and threads that involve posting about the post above. Example:
    Ignored person: I bid 14k
    Ignorer: I bid 200r
    Auctioneer: Ignored person is winning the auction with 14k, you must bid higher ignorer
    Ignorer: No, nobody else bid??!?!?!?!!?
    (confusion ensues)
    *end scene*
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  3. I see that as a reason to fine-tune it, and be careful who you ignore / for what reason. Not a reason to shoot the idea down entirely. We have the option in-game to filter people out, I'm just asking the same for the forums. I'm sure your example could apply equally to in-game auctions as well, yet the /ignore feature is present.
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  4. I feel like the forums are more policed though, and kept in check. I also find that even though some members of the community can be on the annoying side, it isn't really worth it to hide their content that they post. In-game you tend to find more than a few peasants running around talking about their new shop made of dirt and not understanding the concept of local chat. Also in-game there are plenty of spammers who dont ever seem to get more than a 4 hour ban. But the forums seem to just have the elite and most awesome members of the community and I feel like their voices should not be silenced even to one person

    Edit: Wow...this paragraph has awful flow....I need sleep
  5. On that I'll agree fully.

    This however... we'll have to agree to disagree.
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