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  1. Hey all, could someone tell me the ideal size to put as an image for the forum signatures.
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  2. The ones I make are around 600x100. But I think stretching it to 700 is good too. :)
  3. Thanks dude :)
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  4. Haha, no problem! :)
  5. Hows my signature looking from your view? :)
  6. Looks awesome! I just think it cuts off too much on the sides though - apart of that, it's amazing! :)
  7. how about now dude, I made it longer? :) also check if clicking it triggers the link? :)
  8. Perfect! And the link works fine. :)
  9. Awesome dude thanks :) did it show the confirm subscription?
  10. Yup :)
  11. Thanks :)
  12. i will admit, that it took me a little bit to read that.. the font is too thin and in front of too much background. it does look nice, but i was unable to read that without a bit of strain.
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  13. Yeah I did realise that, but what colour do you suggest I use? I could make it bold I guess?
  14. Robot, why glitches and not legitimate gameplay? DDDD:
  15. Because no one wants to watch my legitimate gameplay ): I HAd a different channel for that but it got next to nothing views after 40 vids..
  16. but... everyone likes zombies, legit gameplay is the best, I watch streams of it all the time. What recording device have/had you used.
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  17. Elgato Game Capture card, all you need is proof, I uploaded a Zombies montage on Xtorde, its got 6 views.. I upload a glitch and it gets 100-300
  18. Syndicate is the most legit player out there and he has what, 4.4 million subs? I don't have a problem with glitches but do you find more fun in a glitch or running a train and killing zombies just so you can get down at round 50.
  19. Make it bold red, and shorten it to "CLICK 2 CHECK MY YOUTUBE" or something like that.
  20. I don't like doing glitches to get to high rounds, its boring, the only time I ever do glitches is for a video, I always like playing legit because that is the point of the game, plus Syndicate is just lucky enough to get that many, look at all of those youtubers that make very good legitimate videos but get next to nothing views, its almost pointless making videos