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  1. Village Name: Palderburg
    Hero Name: Ragnarad
    Starting Village-Profession: Wood
    Did you read and understand everything? Yes
  2. Village name: Viper main
    Hero name: viderp
    Starting village profession: stone
    Did you read and understand everything: Yes
  3. Viper main wishes to be allies with everyone.
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  4. Palderburg accepts
  5. Viper main gives palderburg 30 stone for its kindness.
  6. Gotham City accepts.
  7. This sounds like Age of Empires...
  8. So now that there are two pages that means each of my farms produced 10 right?
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  9. You need to make a Flash game out of this!
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  10. please edit with a -snip-
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  11. Village name: Candy Land
    Hero Name: Maddy :p
    Starting village profession: wood
    I understood everything
  12. Candy Land requests to be allies with Slime-Town
  13. NPC Village has gone neutral, meaning that we wont start wars and cant attack back. But we now produce wood + more villagers
  14. Well... I totally would. but I'm 12 and know absolutelly nothing about coding...

    Today, I shall try to learn some coding! =I
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  15. God makes his Application!

    Villager Name: Stockholm
    Hero Name: Notch
    Starting Village-Profession: ( Wood, Stone or Villagers producing 2x as much) Villagers
    Did you read and understand everything? Yes, I wrote it :p
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  16. Creppertopia buys a Coal mine. They now have 5 wood, 5 stone, and 70 villagers
  17. NPC Village, is under attack from mobs. May we have some help?
  18. Creepertopia sends 6 villagers to help NP Village.