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Which Race do you prefer?

Human 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Elf 3 vote(s) 60.0%
Dwarf 2 vote(s) 40.0%
Orc 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Tigrun 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Lost Causes (Currently in Beta)
    Only accepting the first 25 people.

    A Forum Game by NetherSpecter

    It's the third age, and the world finally found peace, but under the earth a darkness lurks. Being entombed for hundreds of years the kings of the Darken has risen again to rule the world, you are the only thing standing in their way, through the trials of the legendary Guardians of Tyreal, you travel the lands of Gundaren leaving path of either death or life behind you. Choose through 5 classes, with one unique class, hundreds of custom items, monsters, and an adventure like no other this RPG Forum Game will take you places you've never been.

    To start your game fill out the form below and PM it to me, rules are below the form so be sure to read, if you have any questions post here. DO NOT POST IN THE PM! Use your character's name as the title so I can distinguish.

    Character Name and Gender: ---- (This determines how NPC's will react to you)
    Character Race: ---- (This determines how NPC's will react to you)
    Character Background: ---- (This determines how NPC's will react to you)
    Character Weight: ---- (This determines what armor class your recieve a boost from)

    Character Races
    Human: Being the classic human you have a clean slate to work from you could be anything from a warrior/beserker to a mage/priest.
    - Racial Bonuses: +1 to Endurance, +2 to Health | Starts with Human Shield

    Elf: Having to live with discrimination against your kind your whole life you've learned the ways of avoiding detection, through either magic, or stealth.
    - Racial Bonuses: +1 to Stealth, +2 to Magic | Starts with Elven Instinct

    Dwarf: Being the small, rough, dwarf you've learned a thing or two about roughhousing.
    - Racial Bonuses: +2 to Endurance, +1 to Strength | Starts with Dwarven Rage

    Orc: The toughest of the tough, by living in the mountains you have a natural resistance to magic, and strong wills.
    - Racial Bonuses: +1 to Strength, +1 to Resistance, +1 to Health | Starts with Orc Blood

    Tigrun: The lands of Sherun have not been kind to you, being a wild cat you long for the woods, and have gained a resistance to most of everything, but can still wield a sword.
    - Racial Bonuses: +1 to Strength, +2 to Resistance | Starts with Tigrun Sight

    Racial Abilites
    All abilities can only be used once per 24 hours.

    - Human Shield: You gain 100% aggro for 2 turns, allowing any damage dealt to your party to be dealt to you.

    - Elven Instinct: When activated, the next two turns you deal +100% damage to Orcs, Tigruns, and beasts.

    - Dwarven Rage: For 1 turn you cannot take damage.

    - Orc Blood: When activated, you give your party a damage boost for a short time, this boost depends on your strength.

    - Tigrun Sight: You are allowed to see farther into the future, skip your next fight if you wish.

    Background Bonuses
    - Noble: +1 to Likeness, +1 to Influence
    - Commoner: +1 to Stealth, +1 to Endurance
    - Thug: +2 to Stealth
    - Mage: +1 to Magic, +1 to Willpower
    - Pilgrim: +1 to Endurance, +1 to Willpower
    - Shaman: +1 to Strength, +1 to Magic
    - Warlord: +2 to Strength
    - Predator: +1 to Stealth, +1 to Strength
    - Swordmaster: +1 to Strength, +1 to Endurance
    - Slave: +2 to Endurance
    - Hunter: +2 to Resistance

    What races can get which backgrounds?

    -Noble, Commoner, Mage

    -Slave, Mage, Hunter

    -Noble, Commoner, Thug

    -Pilgrim, Shaman, Warlord

    -Noble, Predator, Swordmaster

    Current Players

    Currently in Beta so only accepting the first 25 players. Once I've fixed bugs if any, I'll allow others to join. :)

    1) princebee

    How the game works

    When you post an action such as using a spell, starting an attack or pretty much anything you do in the game, a turn passes by.

    Using spells are only allowed by mages, each spell normally takes a turn to charge, a turn to use, and a turn for cooldown.

    Warriors and Rogues use abilities which don't require a turn to charge like spells but don't have much effect as them.

    You, your party members, and other players are characters.

    Party/Party Members
    A party consist of 1-4 characters, within the game there are NPC's that may join you if you allow them.

    When you defeat monsters, complete missions, or earn achievements, you are given items.

    Using Commands
    When using commands simply put brackets "[]" around them. Example: [inventory] Opens your inventory.

    Say you have 4 characters in your party, when on your turn you can use each of them for example:

    You use [Basic Attack]
    Member 1 uses [Fireball]
    Member 2 uses [Health Potion]
    Member 3 uses [Basic Attack]

    and your turn ends.

    While not added yet (due to how I should figure out events to do) you will soon be allowed to host a multiplayer PM.

    Also while not added yet you will soon be able to compete for real rupees

    Earning these will earn you real rupees in-game.

    The Next Post Consists of Characters in the game, and questions by the players that have successfully been answered.
  2. Achievements
    (Still in progress)(Due to being in beta achievements are currently disabled)

    1. First Step (50r) Create a Character
    2. Initiation (100r) Join the Guardians
    3. Level 5 (100r) Reach level 5
    4. Defeated Hugo (200r) You defeated Hugo Juga
    5. Hunter (50r) You killed your first beast
    6. Herbalist (100r) You've crafted your first potion
  3. Now Adding Beta Rewards:

    • Beta players receive a 2,000 Rupee reward for signing up
    • After Beta, Beta players receive a 2,000 Rupees reward
    • For every successful bug/suggestion that Beta Players introduce, they receive a 100 Rupee reward
  4. Character Name and Gender: ---- Name: Sonaria Gender: Female (don't question it)
    Character Race: ---- Elf
    Character Background: ---- Mage
    Character Weight: ---- 90LBS
  5. Could you PM me, this way we don't spam the thread with 25 different games, this also makes it more organized for me to handle. Thanks :)
  6. oh sure :)