Forum problem.

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  1. Whenever I go on to a thread, or even making this one, the thread looks like this:
    It's like that for every single thread, and it's really getting on my nerves. Can someone help?
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  2. Hmm If your talking about whats happening with icon on the top left your Icons aren't simply loading right. I would go back what add-ons you have or just re-install your browser of choosing. If that fails it's your internet not loading up the page right. That's best advice I can give you but prolly going to be better advice after me. :)
  3. Also, look at the post.
  4. I think your browser or ISP is blocking some of the site content from coming through. Are you running of business or school Internet? Or just personal internet? Otherwise it's just Chrome being it's normal self and blocking something it really shouldn't...

    Also, try changing your theme colour, that might help.
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  5. It's just my home network. I've been using that Dark-Green for awhile, and it has worked up until now. Also, I am getting huge bursts of lag every five or so minutes, and it's not just me, it's everyone connected to the router I use.
  6. Then it would just be the theme not getting loaded up properly. Have you tried other themes?

    EDIT: Also, have you tried restarting your router?