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  1. Hello!

    I am simply trying to add a picture for a few auctions I'm wishing to start, but I simply cannot find a good way to insert a picture to the posts, without having to have social media.


  2. Upload the picture to imgur or photobucket or something like it, that's the only way I know of.
  3. Nuuuuuuuuuu! It don't work!
  4. Which button do I click, since its in the form of a link?
  5. HTML:
  6. Below the field where you input the text, there should be a button that says "Upload a File". Click on it, navigate to, and pick, the file you would like uploaded. It will upload, and then where it appears underneath your textfield, you can pick whether to insert it as a full image, or a thumbnail. It's not to difficult to get the hang of.
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  7. I always use this way for forum posts, and for PMs I simply upload to my imgur account (takes about 5 seconds, and only a couple more seconds to make :p) Then press edit/inset image on the bar above where we type now, put the link in, and insert it. Hope that explains it :)
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  8. Items: DC of Sugar Cane
    Starting bid: 500r
    Minimum Bid increments: 100r
    Auction ends: 24 hours after last valid bid
    Pickup: SMP7 res 15444
    HAPPY BIDDING! :D 2014-01-07_16.07.18.png
  9. Thank you! I was not very observant xD
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  10. You can also copy/paste them into the textbox.
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  11. You used the link to the Photobucket page. To get direct URL's open the image in a new tab and copy that one (or copy image URL). :)
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  12. umm.. I insert images from using the 'upload' button. They work for me.. do they work for other people? I assumed it did. Click upload, select the image from your harddrive or whatever, click 'open' and then click the 'Full Image' button once uploaded. simple :)
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  13. 500r :p
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  14. It was on accident :p