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  1. (Credit to SoulPunisher for original idea)
    (3rd attempt)

    World's Nations Overview
    STARTING YEAR: 1946 (1 year = 3 Pages, unless specified)
    This will be a game in which you will have to:
    Deal with disasters.
    Cope with famine.
    Use diplomacy to get your way out of conflicts.
    And be prepared.

    * No Godmodding please.
    * No deciding disasters for other nations, unless you have been appointed as a Game Manager, which is a position I will designate players who are friendly and helpful, plus not afraid to give themselves consequences.
    * No flame wars.
    * No stupid surrender terms.
    * Research must take a decent amount of turns.
    * Nations may only consist of 4 "old nations" or less.
    * Two "major benefits" only, or less.
    (Game Managers reserve the right to add more rules if needed)

    Nation Name: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
    Nations it consists of: Russia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark
    Government Type: Communist Representative Democracy

    Let the game begin, and ask questions below!
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  2. The USSR begins work on repairing major cities:
    3 posts
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  6. Nation Name: United Kingdom of the World
    Nations it consists of: United Kingdom, United States of America, France & Germany
    Government Type: Democracy
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  7. Accepted.

    Welcome to the game.
  8. Thanks hero, btw.
  9. The USSR asks to ally with the United Kingdom of the World.
    (The thread is set before the Cold War came about)
  10. i'll join kitt, if you wanted me too...

    Nation Name: Eire-Icelandic united republics
    Nations it consists of: ireland, iceland, netherlands, belgium
    Government Type: democracy
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  11. EIUR requests to ally with the ussr and ukw.
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  12. I guess I'll join.
    Name: South American Union
    Nations: Columbia, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru
    Government: Militarist, Monarchist
    are benefits something you post here?
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  13. I ended up scrapping benefits, they weren't worth anything. Application accepted, by the way.
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  14. The USSR allies with EIUR.

    Now, let the game begin!

    USSRs moves:

    Stalin is replaced by a more liberal Soviet official.

    The USSR starts work on a top-secret project.(Is not a militaristic project)
  15. Top-secret project: 15 posts left
  16. EIUR invades luxemburg.
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  17. S.A.U. Moves: Begins invasion of panama (small country)
    S.A.U. begins Alcanzador space program (equivalent to real USA Gemini project)
    S.A.U. Requests Alliance with U.S.S.R.
    S.A.U. Requests research station on Franz Joseph Islands (Russian territory)
    Question: What is the process for Invading unclaimed countries?
    How are things like military strength or GDP (gross domestic product) measured?
    there needs to be a way to time things like; research, development, or invasion status.
    Invasion of panama status (8 posts)
    Alcanzador program status (15 posts)
  18. Non RP(does not count towards post count) I think you need to specify a number of posts for the task to be completed. Luxembourg is a very small country with limited military power so 3 posts would probably suffice.
  19. okay than.

    luxemburg invasion will take 3 posts, estimate irish-Icelandic oficials.
  20. Process for invading unclaimed countries is quick and simple, if they are unclaimed it is practically near-immediate.

    USSR accepts alliance offer.

    USSR unveils its secret project to the South American Union: A unmanned rocket, containing a tomato plant, will head up into space, before coming back down after 3 hours in orbit. V2 rocket research has been used for this project, and we offer a joint SAU-USSR space program.

    Posts are the way of measuring time, military is measured by how good the military of the nations combined was, and good militaries can be made better by training conscripts or recruits. GDP doesn't matter much, but a highly-developed nation will have a better GDP than a small city-state.

    SAU may have the research station on USSR territory.

    USSR will remain neutral on the invasion of Luxembourg.

    Construction on a Swedish-Danish rail tunnel will take 3 posts.

    Work on a efficient diesel-powered train has started, and will take 4 posts. The train will be used on the Trans-Siberian railway and on a newly built Copenhagen-Moscow rail line, which will take 3 posts.

    Work on a propeller plane that has a capacity of 100 people has begun, which will take approximately 3 posts.