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  1. (Second attempt)

    In this game, you can attempt to make your nation the most advanced, most powerful, or the richest nation on the planet. Or just focus on keeping your citizens happy, or unhappy.

    Starting Year: 1948
    The Rules

    1. No godmodding. None. At. All
    2. Take a decent amount of posts to build something(The number of posts it takes is the amount of posts the entire topic increases, not your amount of posts, meaning it is easier to develop if nations are in a time when they are developing new technologies rapidly)
    4. Don't make it so you win all the time in wars, this rule is technically don't be OP.
    5. Famine and disasters will only happen if it is plausible for it to happen. For example, Berlin will not be affected by a volcano or London won't be hit by a 8.4 earthquake
    6. Don't take lots of large nations for the population.
    Example of a Application
    Nation Name: Soviet Union
    Consists of: Russia, Japan, Svalbard, Iceland, Ireland(Southern) (I can scale down if you want me to, but Svalbard, Iceland, and Ireland don't have big populations, and Svalbard and Iceland are v.cold)
    Policies: Communism has been scaled down on, Socialism with a hint of Communism is now in charge, strong military.
    1 Year = 2 Pages
  2. A number of things start:

    A USSR National Broadcasting Service is created, based off the BBC, and is named the SBC(Soviet Broadcasting Corporation). - Instant Effect, but will take a while to start up regular programs on the Radio and black and white TV for certain citizens.

    Repairs start for the entire nation. - 5 posts.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.