[Forum Game] [Whodunnit] Case 1 - The Stolen Statue

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Would you like another one of these?

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  1. 1. Lord Duncan (Lord of the Manor), Age 61, Height 1.70m
    2. Lady Duncan (Her Ladyship), Age 59, Height 1.64m

    You: Lord Duncan, could you please describe the theft?
    Lord Duncan: We were returning from the ball and as we entered the driveway the alarm bell rang out loudly. I jumped out of the Rolls and went to investigate. A figure just a little shorter than me ran past carrying a dufflebag.
    You: What happened next?
    Lady Duncan: As the person was running past me, I struck out with my umbrella. The person fell to the ground but scrambled up and escaped into the night.
    You: Lady Duncan, you must have injured the thief. Dr Watson, please test the blood sample that I found on these broken spectacles.
    Dr Watson: I've made a drawing of some footprints found outside the broken window. It looks as if our thief was wearing high heels. By the way, the blood sample belongs to Group O.


    Who do you think did it? Could you win the prize? Post below in this format (get rid of the dot)
    [.spoiler="My Guess - Do Not Look Until You Have Tried Yourself"]<WRITE GUESS HERE>[/spoiler]
    I recommend opening a notepad document to write the possible suspects until you find the culprit.
    Unfortunately, I cannot offer a bigger prize than 1,000r however if anyone would like to donate, I can make the prize for the first person to get it correct bigger!
    When the poll gets to 5 vote different to "yes" I will post another :)
  2. Nice Job Id say so
  3. <Emma Hunter>
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  5. Deleteing them works right?
  6. Yup
  7. Good cause I already did.
  8. I'm not sure how to vote but I know the answer!!
  9. Emma Hunter

    its emma!
  11. woops sorry I didn't mean to show the answer... I didn't know how to hide it
  12. did you replace <WRITE GUESS HERE> with your answer.....
  13. <Cynthia Brown>
  14. The correct answer was Emma Hunter!
    Luckygreenbird won the prize!
    Some of you missed out that she has glasses!