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  1. Basically, I change my profile pic to something completely random, and then you have to guess who I am!
    _Stads_: 50
    Brickstrike: 45
    MrLegitisLegit: 30
    PandasEatRamen: 30
    AliceF3: 105!
    PR0_G4NG5T4: 45

    Totally didn't get this from Legit...

  2. Your profile picture is 'Isaac Brock' who was a British Army officer and administrator. He lived from the 6th of October 1769 through to the 13th of October 1812. He died during the Battle of Queenston Heights.
  3. Good Job! PIC CHANGE TIME!
  4. lolz waits for the next change to play >.>
  5. That is the flag of Alberta.

    In 1968, the Alberta government authorized the design of an official flag. On 1 June 1968, the flag of Alberta, Canada, was adopted.
  6. New Pic!
    EDIT: Nevermind

  8. Umm... I am a bit scared now :confused:
  9. lol, I was almost gonna put a "Legit gets less for reasons that will be apparent after someone gets this"
    New Pic: 15 BeePoints
  10. I know what this is, but legit will legitly kill me if I say O_O
  11. I have no idea, but I think its from DOTA.
  12. Nope.
  13. Slightly wrong, but yes! Zer0 (With a 0 as an o) is a playable character in Borderlands 2! I do not think he is in Borderlands at all, but I might be mistaken, I should probably boot up steam to see...
  14. Yeah I don't know why I even said he was from Borderlands, I have it and know that anyways xD I have fixed up my post even the 0 instead of O :p
  15. He is in borderlands though :D
  16. Borderlands Wiki Says No.... Hmm... Anyways, Ill change soon :)
  17. 30 Points For This Picture!
  18. Stone cutter
  19. Minecraft PE Stonecutter