[FORUM GAME] What Superhero/Villain Are You?

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  1. If you were a superhero, or villain, what would you be?
    NOTE: You cannot be an existing hero/villain.
    For Example, I would be...

    Princebee is a hero who has the ability to turn into a wasp. (Yeah, it's bee, but i don't wanna die if i stick my butt into someone xD) He also has a large sword/knife/"Stinger" Which can inject poison into an enemy. I also have dual tazer-like pistols, which can also inject poison. I have canisters of poison which I put in my guns and knifes, and can also throw them like grenades. I also have wings to fly, and a grappling hook, 'cause, you know, they're awesome :D I also have a helicopter, a plane, and an armored car.
  2. I would be...

    I would be a villain named Brickstrike. I would literally fill bricks in walls with nuclear strikes to pummel towns and cities to the ground. I would carry a rocket launcher that when fired, sprayed tons of bricks, flying towards it's target, along with missiles and bombs inside the bricks. I would be dressed in complete red bricks, unless I was near a different color of bricks, because the suit would have a camoflauge feature to hide from the police. I would have a complete underground bunker, underneath a remote island of the coast of Bermuda, to fire huge laser beams to turn everyone who challenges me into a useless brick, non living. Oh, and I would have laser eyes, and telekinesis. :p
  3. I would be Freddy Krueger...
    nuff said :p
  4. Batman.
    Because batman.

    I'd be Patrick The Watermelon
    I'd shoot watermelons out of my fists then fly and drop watermelons.
    My car would be green with a dark red interior with black spots.
    I could randomly summon melons :p
  5. Updated Rules!
  6. lol you can't be a current super hero/villain xD
  7. I would be
    I would have a knife covered with pizza, tiny salty bees, and salt. I have the abilities to kill someone with a arsenal trumpet. I am invincible to poison. I would be equipped with annoying villager sounds and be a superhero.
  8. I would be, uh, the Hashhogger. Pretty much the guy who takes all the bacon and hash-browns off the breakfast table as soon as you stop watching.
  9. I'd be The Cordial Pie. The dessert injustice. I will eat anyone, anything, at anytime I see appropriate. I can turn into any kind of dessert, but my most common form is a Cordial pie in strong obsidian armor.
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