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  1. Hey y'all,

    I'm quite bored right now, and I was surfing the magical interwebs. I came across this one interesting forum game, and I thought "Eh, might as well try this out on the Empire". So here are the rules. This game is called "What if..."

    This game is a thinking game.
    All you will have to do is read the person who posted before you's comment. Then, answer their question. e.g:

    ShelLuser: What would happen if Minecraft shut down for 1 year?
    Kephras: I and most of the other players on EMC would more then likely die due to lack of EMC. I need this stuff to survive. Now, what if pizza rolls were gone from the world for one day?

    And so on, and so forth.

    You must always answer with a brief explanation what you think would happen if the previous person's "what if" actually happened. You must then post a "what if" of your own, and the next person will answer that and give their own, et cetera.

    I will start this off:

    What if every residence on EMC was reset and everyone's rupees were completely eliminated?
  2. The server would cease to exist.

    I made that happen on a server one time. Got too rich and they reset everything. Server crashed and I was banned.

    What if the entire internet crashed?
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  3. Then everybody would get kidnapped. What if BK married everyone in the world?
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  4. Then he would sleep with a new person every night.

    What if all the staff quit EMC?
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  5. well without order there is chaos.

    What if all the rupees on EMC where replaced with real life money?
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  6. Then the server would plunge into complete anarchy, as we'd all be very, very poor (or at least myself! =P)

    What if, all of a sudden, California drifted off to hang out with Hawaii?
  7. I would be broke for life...
    What if monsters took over town for the whole day? (the can blow up your stuff and attack you)

    Edit: Got ninja'd, go to post above me for question
  8. then that would make them the tannest section of the world.

    what if instead of trees we set up giant statues for christmas?
  9. Then merry Christmas!

    What if Aikar stole everything?
  10. *Grabs gear, kills mobs, listens to radioactive by imagine dragons and the theme song from the walking dead.
  11. Max would take control of the Empire

    What if Microsoft turned Minecraft into Roblox?
  12. I thought this would be a What If historical thing:(

    Skip me.