[FORUM GAME]Welcome To Bullworth Academy [Accepting New Students]

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  1. Welcome To Bullworth Academy.

    At Bullworth Academy, there are 5 main cliques.
    There are...
    The Jocks
    The Jocks are a group of, well, jocks. They are all in the football team, or in the case of the girls, a part of the cheerleading squad. They are the enemies of the nerds. Their territory is the Gym, and the Football Field. ('Merica football)

    The Greasers
    The Greasers know everything about vehicles. They all wear leather jackets, and come from a working-class backround. They are the enemies of the Preppies and the Townies, and hang out in the Auto Shop and the Gas Station.

    The Preppies
    The Preppies all come from rich backgrounds. They are snobbish, and frown down on anyone below their class. They are the enemies of the Greasers. Their territory is the Boxing club.

    The Bullies
    This group is literally just what it sounds like. They will bully anyone not in a clique, and will bully the nerds ruthlessly. They hang out in the parking lot.

    The Nerds
    The Nerds are stereotypical nerds. They play a game called Grottoes and Gremlins, which is a parody of Dungeons and Dragons. They can make all the weapons that you have, and excel (spreadsheet) in schoolwork. They stay in the basement of the comic book store, and in the library.

    Now time for some education time

    First of all: Time

    3 IRL hours = 1 in-game hour
    30m = 1hr

    Second: Health
    you have 100HP.
    To replenish HP, you can buy things.
    Beam Cola may be purchased from any vending machine in the school, and at the food market.
    Beam Cola replenishes 25 HP.
    Chocolate may be purchased from the food market, and can be stolen from lockers.
    Chocolate replenishes 40 HP.
    Girls/Boys will kiss you if you give them gifts. You must have completed Art 1 to do this.
    You must give them a gift of either flowers or chocolate to be eligible for a kiss. After completing Art 1, a kiss replenishes 25 HP. After Art 2, it's 50. After Art 3 it's 75, and after Art 4 it's 100. Art 5 makes you eligible for a kiss without giving a gift.

    Third: Money
    Money is necessary to buy things. (duh)
    You can earn money by doing missions for people, running errands, or by getting a job. You can buy clothing with money, beam cola (which costs $1), a carnival ticket, and a play for carnival games.

    Fourth: Crimes
    There are different types of crimes, ranging from Minor to Medium To Major. Committing multiple smaller crimes will get serious.
    List of crimes:
    Violence - Minor
    Violence Child - Medium
    Violence Girls - Medium
    Violence Authority - Major
    Violence Adults - Major
    Truant - Minor
    Misconduct - Minor
    Theft - Minor
    Break and Entry - Medium
    Lockpicking - Minor
    No Helmet - Minor
    Weapon Violence - Medium
    (might add more, i just can't think of anything atm)

    Everyone has classes. These are yours.
    9:00-9:45 - Art
    10:00-10:45 - Geography
    11:00-11:45 - Music
    12:00-1:00 Lunch
    1:15-2:00 - English
    2:15-3:00 - Math


    Character Name
    Character Gender
    Character Age (Child, Young Teenager, Old Teenager)
    Character Appearance (Picture or Description)
    Character Clique
  2. Character Name: Jordan
    Character Gender: Male
    Character Age (Child, Young Teenager, Old Teenager): Young Teenager
    Character Appearance (Picture or Description) Dark brown hair, brown eyes, short(ish) Caucasian
    Character Clique: Nerd
  3. Character Name: Alana
    Character Gender: Female
    Character Age (Child, Young Teenager, Old Teenager): Old Teenager
    Character Appearance (Picture or Description): Long blonde hair, fairly thin, bright blue eyes, fairly tall
    Character Clique: Preppies

    Character Name: Harry
    Character Gender: Male
    Character Age (Child, Young Teenager, Old Teenager): Child
    Character Appearance (Picture or Description): Short for his age, scruffy black-brown hair, brown eyes
    Character Clique: Nerds
  4. (woo nerd friend)
    Missions: A Little Help
    The Race