|FORUM GAME| weird phobias in minecraft

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  1. Hi all! Post about your weird minecraft phobias on this thread. Thank you! :)
  2. My phobia: Cooked Pork! :D
    Reason: Just looking at it makes me frustrated because I hate the texture. I fear eating it because I feel that I will end up jumping in a hole due to my slight ocd
  3. Anyone else have a real minecraft phobia that can meet mine?
  4. Cooked pork, it looked nice before they changed it, now it looks all dry and weird, but I eat it anyway. My phobia, that is very hard. I used to fear creepers, but now I just hate them, and think they're annoying. I definitely fear enraged zombies because one killed me in one hit. But my true Minecraft phobia became Momentus. Whenever I see one, I get jittery, and very scared, but I try to kill it anyway. :D
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  5. momentus just scares the crap out of me because I'm worried he will draw me in if I juststanding on the other side of the mountain
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  6. He's a giant zombie, who wouldn't be scared! I'm just scared if I was just getting stuff in the Wastelands, and Momentus was right behind me, but I didn't see him, and he would kill me. That's why I might avoid forests more often...
  7. My fear... *shudders* endermen. I have been killed by them several times, as they have twice as much health as the player, strong attacks, destroy buildings, and can teleport. I try to keep my eyes averted. I used to fear cave spiders, as a friend had a cave spider grinder and I accidentally broke a block, resulting in a base that wasn't mine swarming with tiny poison hostiles. I had to play a game of "exterminator" and another game of "Bob the Builder fixes a hole" before the base was safe. For a while I was afraid of the little guys, but then I ventured into a mineshaft and rediscovered the fact that they are weak and often get stuck behind fences trying to get at you, resulting in easy string. :) I also have a profound fear of Wither skeletons and I can't stand the look of emerald blocks. I don't know why, I just can't.
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  8. I've stopped fearing enderman because I have diamond armor and an op diamond sword (too op for enderman because of fire aspect) I'm used to cave spiders though they do scare me alot. I wish emerald blocks would be retexturd.
  9. I also used to be afraid of endermen because they had very strong hits and looked scary. Before I even got the game, I watched my friend play Minecraft and when I saw an enderman in the screen, I screamed and dropped my salad I was eating, even though I wasn't the one playing. But I figured to avoid dying by them, just don't look at them. But not that long ago, I got mad because I didn't find anything good on a mining trip, so I took my anger out on this enderman. It didn't end well...
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  10. that is one of my life stories
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