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  1. The D.E.A.T.H. (Deadly and Evasive Assassin Troops of Honor) Have hired 10 New Assassins. You could become one! You will be given Missions, and Attempt to reach higher Honor.
    However, their enemy, H.E.R.O. (Heroic Easement Resurrection Order) is also hiring 10 Assassins, operating similarly. you must choose your side, and start your missions!

    Assassin Name
    Assassin Agent No.
    Assassin Age (Aprox.)
    Assassin Gender
    Assassin Morality (DEATH, HERO)

    My Application
    Assassin Name: DettLah
    Assassin Agent No: 36
    Assassin Age (Aprox.): 12
    Assassin Gender: M
    Assassin Morality: D.E.A.T.H.

    [FGA]DettLah (Princebee)
    Rank: 1000

    Sterben (Adderwolf71)
    Rank: 1

    Scorcher (jacob5089)
    Rank: 1

    [FGA]KahLett (Princebee)
    Rank: 1000

    Agent Popanda (Choongjae)
    Rank: 1

    Xenophopia (SideShowAllie)
    Rank: 1

    Good Luck!
  2. Humpity BUMPity, look at frosty go...
  3. Assassin Name: Agent Popanda
    Assassin Agent No.: 7
    Assassin Age (Aprox.) : 23
    Assassin Gender: Male
    Assassin Morality (DEATH, HERO): HERO
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  5. Nice to see prince making more forum games! Hope this turns out like War of Planets :D!
    Assassin Name Sterben
    Assassin Agent No. 33
    Assassin Age (Aprox.) 24
    Assassin Gender Male
    Assassin Morality (DEATH, HERO) DEATH
  6. I hope so too :D Added :)
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  7. Can you create a third choice for morality? I want to be POTATO
  8. Not P.O.T.A.T.O., but i will make something!
  9. Perhaps some sort of rebel morality that breaks off from the two main ones...
  10. And collaborates with other groups like so. hehehe
  11. Assassin Name - Xenophobia
    Assassin Agent No. - 14
    Assassin Age (Aprox.) - 15
    Assassin Gender - Male
    Assassin Morality (DEATH, HERO) - HERO
  12. If... You do Potato....... Please.... Do Potato...
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  13. Adding...
  14. Making Some Logos for all the Agencies
  15. I Like Bumpz...
  16. TO APPLY
    Assassin Name Scorcher
    Assassin Agent No. 4
    Assassin Age (Aprox.) 27
    Assassin Gender Male
    Assassin Morality (DEATH, HERO) Death
  17. What are we actually going to end up doing o.o