[FORUM GAME] Tell A Story!

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  1. This thread is simple. (Why do I always say that?)

    Tell a good story either from Minecraft or real life. Keep it appropriate and make it a good one ;)

    I shall go first:

    I was fishing at my Grandparents farm a long time ago. I had the hook and bobber in the water and was waiting patiently. Suddenly, the bobber went under and I hollered with delight. I reeled it in and was about to grab it when, my cousin started to say something from the house. I could hardly hear him, but then, I felt a sudden jerk on my pole. I turned my attention to the water again. I was shocked. While my cousin had caught my attention, the fish and the hook and gone under the water again, and something had tugged on the line. I lifted the pole...and there attached to the fish's tail was a three foot long water snake.
    Surprised (and frightened), I flung the fish and the snake onto land and hollered for my grandfather. He came over with an axe and...ended the snakes life.

    Anyway, I thought that was pretty cool. Now...I wanna hear from you guys! It doesnt matter how long it is...it just has to be interesting. Let's hear em'!
  2. Bumperoo! Still haven't heard anything from you peeps!
  3. Ahem...ELLO?