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  1. The war between the humans and the orcs has been going on for as long as anyone can remember. But now, there is a bigger threat. The main commanders of both armies mysteriously vanished in battle, along with both of their troops. But there have been whispers of both commanders being seen in orcish territory, shambling about. Welcome to Karthagea.


    Welcome to Shadow Of Karthagea, a role-playing forum game. Karthagea is a fantasy world with four main continents: Gallia, Haeda, Borealis, and Poseidia. Your adventure begins in the human capital of Crescent Light, located on the southwest coast of Gallia.


    There are a wide variety of different creatures in Karthagea. You are able to play as four of them. Each race has a certain quality that makes them different from the others.

    Humans are often considered to be the most intelligent race, able to use tactics and strategy to win fights, more so than brawn. They have been regarded before as "Mostly Harmless", but this was proven wrong when the bloody war between humans and orcs began.

    Orcs are extremely strong, and extremely difficult to kill. What they lack in intelligence, they make up for in muscle. Their skin is tough, and can even resist light sword wounds. When an orc is enraged, he becomes stronger and feels no pain, but all sense of inhibition goes out the window.

    The graceful elf race is extremely quick and agile. They are adept at sneaking around, but getting a good blow in on an elf will usually spell it's doom. Elves excel in a fight where they are able to approach their target unnoticed, and then dodge their target's attacks.

    Dwarves are very good with making things. If you want a good weapon, you should go to a dwarven forge to have it made. Dwarven metal is nearly indestructible, and is used in everything, from armour to weapons to buildings. They are extremely prideful, and insulting a dwarf is a good way to get yourself killed.

    While any race can be any class, some races are much better at certain roles than others.

    Warriors deal plenty of damage, and can arm themselves with a shield. The two ways of playing a warrior is a berzerker style, where you have a high damage output but low defense, or a tanky style, where you have lower damage, but high defense.
    Best Classes: Orc, Dwarf
    Not Recommended for: Elf

    A rogue works in the shadows, waiting to ambush their enemies and kill them before they have a chance to react. You can play a high damage type of rogue, able to put their targets down very quickly, or a pure stealth rogue, where you are able to pick and choose your fights.
    Best Class: Elf
    Not Recommended for: Orc

    Hunters work best from afar, able to take down targets from far away. They have a bow and a pet, who is able to chase down enemies and take them down, either killing them outright, or incapacitating them so the hunter can finish them off.
    Best Classes: Orc, Elf
    Not Recommended for: Human

    Magic is a difficult thing to master. Reckless mages often find themselves corrupted by power. fire mages often throw caution to the winds, running in and burning everything in sight. In contrast, an ice mage is cold, calculated, and ruthless.
    Best Class: Human
    Not Recommended for: Orc, Dwarf

    A standard priest works best in a group, able to provide health and support to their teammates. But some priests prefer to turn their back on nobility, using their powers for bad. Dark priests are able to drive their enemies insane, and even force them to fight for the priest.
    Best Class: Human
    Not Recommended for: Dwarf


    Simply fill out this information form to join in.

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    Have Fun.
  2. Character Name: Amari Camden
    Character Gender: Female
    Character Age: 23
    Character Race: Human
    Character Class: Warrior
  3. You wake up. You are in a small cell, located in the city of Crescent Light. This is your 68th day here. But something feels different, today. There is a cot, a toilet, a bookshelf with a couple books on it, and a food tray with a loaf of bread and a glass of water.
  4. Amari groaned, her head hurt from sleeping on the hard bed. Even after so long, it was hard to get used to. She ignored the bread and water, no food was better than what they left. Amari picked up a book, sitting down on the floor. Although instead of reading the book, she looked around the cell block. She was sure there were other people in the room, but never had she seen anyone else.
  5. After a while, a guard walks by. "Eat up," he says, "We don't want you dying on us, now." He continues along his patrol, speaking to various other inmates, uttering threats.