{Forum Game} Roast Room

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    Be Creative and say something creatively funny about how horrible I am

    (Roses are Red
    Violets are blue
    You cant make Forum Games
    That Much is True

    Leaves are green
    And I am a noob
    I cant write poems
    but y'all never knew)

    Beat that guys!
    Also you can volunteer to get roasted yourself too :D
  2. No thx, I don't feel like being mean to people.
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  3. its not being mean, its being funny. And only to me! I dont care!
  4. Will nobody play?

    IsMachineMaster has no friends
    and will have none to the end
    He is very, very bored
    and has no life, or discord

    Who even plays his game?
    no one even knows his name.
    He's posted on the last 15
    games if you would look to see

    Where have all the people gone?
    10 views but none were fond
    of the idea of playing
    I'm sorry man. I'm just saying.
  5. IsMachineMaster is so lonely he roasts himself when he wants to be mean.
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  6. Roasts? anyone? im bored.
  7. Please keep bumps to 3 hours after the last post.