[Forum Game] Pick-a-choice game.

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I want random poll choices! 5 vote(s) 23.8%
Where is it? I loved to pick those random choices! Bring it back :D 3 vote(s) 14.3%
And make it much more random tooo! :D Like you've lost sanity Jakres! :D 13 vote(s) 61.9%
  1. Example:
    Aussie questions:
    Lemon or toast?

    American answers this:
    I choose lemon because I like lemon!
    *American puts 2 choices here*


    Dragon Tombs or Half-Life 3?
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  2. Dragon Tombs because I love Empire!
    Pancakes or Waffles?
  3. Pancakes because I've never eaten a waffle before, and who doesn't love Pancake Day?

    Windows or Mac?
  4. Windows because Macs are too complicated.
    Football or Baseball?
  5. Windows, because yeah....I've used Windows all my life :p
    Xbox One or PS4?
  6. Ninja'd :p Is that American Football or 'Soccer'? Anyways Football, don't watch baseball
    Xbox One or PS4?
  7. Xbox One because I like Xbox better
    Meat or Vegetables?
  8. American Football
  9. Meat of course
    Anime or cartoon?
  10. Cartoon because Anime characters are too intense and their movements are jerky.
    GTA V or Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit?
  11. Need for speed but I dont play either :p
    Lemonade or ice tea?
  12. Lemonade because the thought of having cold tea is horrible
    Pink or blue?
  13. Blue

    This font or This Font
  14. Second Font because it looks cleaner.
    Origin or Steam?
  15. Steam

    Cookies or Biscuits
  16. why steam?
    Cookies because I can make the best ones!
    Ice Cream or FroYo?
  17. Ice cream.
    I choose fro-yo because I can mix the flavors (I like mixes).
    Crwth or crowd?
  18. ...crowd i guess because i don't know what crwth is
    Rock and Roll or Hip-hop music?
  19. err ummm i dunnoz i guess rock, but not that specific

    Kyogre or Groudon
  20. Groudon becuase I've never been into water types

    Wii or Wii U?