[Forum game] pacific rim wars

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  1. In this game, you will first choose a side; kaiju or jaeger.
    Then you have to create a jaeger or kaiju and choose a few different things:
    • Special ability
    • fuel source(j)
    • country of origin(j)
    • draw back
    • Biomass(k)
    • base(j)
    • size
    • other
    If you are jeager, you have to choose a base. If your jaeger fits certain qualities, than it can or can't be in a certain area.
    • Alaska (need nuclear power)
    • canada (n/a)
    • central america (smaller than 250)
    • south america (have to if over 500ft)
    • Australia (n/a)
    • Japan (n/a)
    • Antarctica (need nuclear power)
    If you chose kaiju, please note that you will only be allowed a certain amount of biomass for every period of time.

    *Before you start, i will OK your form. From your jaeger/kaiju qualities, i will decide if certain things happen (good or bad). Also, if you are godmodding, one jaeger or kaiju will slay you. Example peoplez:

    Jaeger: Steam Behemoth
    Spc. Ability: Not affected by "kaiju blue"
    Fuel: Steam Powered
    Origin: Icelandi
    Drawback: Very ineffecient
    Base:South America
    Height: 720ft tall
    Other: 4 primary arms and 2 secondary arms.

    Kaiju: Obliette
    Spc. ability: Very thick armor plating and many eyes
    Drawback: No kaiju blue
    Biomass: 300k tons
    Size: 1200 by 1600
    Other: 4 legs and four arms

    Note that i will not be on until tomorrow, but still go ahead and apply
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  3. I would participate, because I have the perfect Jaeger name: Eren, but unfortunately I don't have the time for this
  4. I think you do have the time, because this is a passive game
  5. Jaeger: Sanguine Shadow.
    Special Ability: shockwave generators attached to knuckles make for a VERY hard punch, even without the elbow rockets.
    Fuel: cold fusion generator core
    Country of origin: New Zealand
    Drawback: Rather slow
    Base: Australia
    Height: 400ft tall
    Other: Forearms each contain a railgun and a sword. Has elbow rockets and can extend spikes from feet to halt momentum.