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  1. The year is 1990. The world's resources have been noted to be running out, and the global economy is collapsing. Countries have had to form unions to survive - and out have emerged what could be nations that form a shining, Utopian Earth in the future. Or maybe they'll destroy it?

    The Rules:
    Aside from your normal EMC rules, the rules of this game are:
    • No flame wars.
    • War is TURN-BASED. Any violations of this 'turn-based' war system will result in your country being wiped off the map.
    • Research takes time. You cannot complete the building of, say, a hydrogen bomb in a single post - small projects can take a minimum of three posts, medium-sized can take a minimum of 6, large can take a minimum of 9, and extra large (the hydrogen bomb would fall under this category) projects can take a minimum of 12.
    • Nations are restricted to FIVE COUNTRIES. You can expand them by another four after you begin your game - however, they must already be a satellite state of yours, or you have taken time to 'integrate' them. Nations are also limited to four satellite states at once - unions can have as many as they want.
    • One page = One in-game year.
    • Absolutely ridiculous things, such as building a massive alien mothership, are not allowed.
    • Have a suggestion for a new rule? Suggest it to me!
    And now for the application! It's a tiny bit different to how I had it in New Nations and New Nations 2...
    Nation Name: Korean Federation
    Participating Countries: North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam.
    Currently invading (optional): The United States of America.
    National Language: Korean, with English as a secondary language. Japanese and Malay are not currently recognized as official languages.
    History: Korea was reunified in 1985, as part of a series of diplomatic talks and agreements. The KPP, headed by Kim Jong-Il, were elected in the 1985 election. In an effort to free Korean peoples, who were reportedly being killed by Japanese civilians, the newly formed Korean Federation invaded Japan in 1986, and they surrendered weeks later. Economic problems began to plague the world in 1987, and Vietnam and Indonesia joined the KF in 1988 for economic security. A full-scale invasion of the United States began when global problems reached their height in 1989 and Korea wished to strike while the iron was hot. The invasion is ongoing.
    Have fun! :3
    *website will be up soonish*
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  2. Oops. I posted this without the 3 in the title >.>
  3. Nation Name: Sebia
    Participating Countries: China, Australia, Canada, America and Brazil
    Currently invading (optional): Currently defending against: the Korean Federation in their invasion of America
    National Language: English
    History: Sebia is the formation of countries around the world who originally had a trade pact and grew very close together. After a deep economical struggle between the nations, they decided to band together to form a secure future for each other.
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  4. Sebia offers the Korean Federation an alliance, if we're given America.
  5. The Korean Federation accepts, and instead puts its attention on the Philippines and Cambodia. They will be taken over in 5 posts.
  6. ooo a new one! Im in!
    Nations Name: Nations of Llamas
    Participating Countries: Argentina,Chile,Peru, and Uraguay
    national Language: Spanish
    History: To be set soon

    Nations of Llamas ask to joinThe Korean Federation.
  7. Nation: UES Unifed European State
    Participants: Germany, France, Italy, Ireland and England
    Language: english, german, french, italian
    History: soon. had to post quickly.
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  8. Sebia would like to form an alliance with UES.
    OOC: Love how everyone is posting quickly to get their countries, so the history part comes after :p
  9. You should take the whole of the United Kingdom... it makes things a bit easier for us when we manage the map :p (and plus, more land, cuz yay: the UK is a country made of countries that are made of former countries)
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  10. Just as SoulPunisher is taking his time:
  11. The integration of Cambodia and the Philippines into the Korean Federation is now complete.

    The Korean Federation has begun to develop jets that can go faster than the speed of sound that will be used in warfare. They will be called Sinsoghans, and will take 5 posts to complete.

    A naval fleet has also begun to be assembled, which is going to take 7 posts to complete. A nuclear submarine has also began to be built, and will be completed in 12 posts.
  12. Sebia has begun talks with the president of India to see if they would like to join us. The talks will take 2 turns, and if successful, another 2 turns.

    Sebia has also begun work on the Sevron Army. One of the world's largest, advanced and most powerful armies ever to be made. Currently there will be a range of basic units:
    • Foot soldiers (1 post)
    • Jet fighters (1 posts)
    • Nuclear jet fighter (2 posts)
    • Bombing units (1 posts)
    • Nuclear bombing unit (2 posts)
    • Warships (1 posts)
    • Nuclear warship (2 posts)
    Total time for everything in my post: 14 (16 turns if talks are successful)

    Sebia is also offering an alliance with the Nations of Llamas
  13. nations of Llamas have now started each of these things:
    - Large scales of llama farms to be featured in future [ 3 more posts ]
    - Foot soldiers are being recruited for defense [ 1 post ]
    - Farms being built along coast for sugar cane, oysters, any sea product, and starfish [ 3 posts ]
    - Asks Sebia for 15 year peace treaty { Page 15 if we get there :3 } [ Whenever accepted or not ]
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  14. The Korean People's Army has begun to be modernized, with old Soviet weaponry being thrown away and melted down to make new things out of the steel. Newer American tanks and other weapons, salvaged from U.S embassies in South Korea and taken from the West Coast of the United States during its Korean Occupation in 1989, are being upgraded for use within the army. This will take 3 posts.

    As an incentive to join the army and not force conscription to keep up its democratic image, the Korean Federation has chosen to give families of those in the army guaranteed employment, housing, and food. Thousands of poor men, affected by the global economic crisis, who wish to provide for their families have begun to sign up. The current size of the KPA is unknown, but it is certainly going to get larger and will probably end up as one of the largest in the world.
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  15. Sebia accepts and hopes we can have a great 15 years of peace.
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  16. Oops I forgot my 5th country, I can't count w/ out looking and laughing at my llama pic xD, Can I add Bolivia to my nations?
  17. The KPA's official size statistics have been released: it currently stands at 8 million strong (3 million have joined since the government planned the KPA's expansion) - with more and more men joining everyday. The KPA is expected to have 10 million soldiers by 1991 (about 3.2% of the Korean Federation's population, as opposed to the 1.6% serving at the beginning of 1990).
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  18. nations of Llamas have now started each of these things:
    - Large scales of llama farms to be featured in future [ 2 more posts ]
    - Recruiting naval soilders for defense [ 1 post ]
    - Building army planes incase of war [ 2 more posts ]
    - Farms being built along coast for sugar cane, oysters, any sea product, and starfish [ 2 posts ]

    - 2 million foot soldiers have been recruited
  19. You all have too much time to update this tread so often! :p
    Also, UK is what i had meant. Thank you.
    IC: The UES government begins acquisition of private steel and other resource companies to be less affected by global economic shifts. Steel from the acquisition will be used to expand and upgrade the current French and English navies increasing their speed, strength and stealth creating the worlds strongest navy. 12 posts. the small amount of jobs lost due to the acquisitions will be asked to join the United Armed Forces. They will be deployed on defensive positions in eastern Germany.

    Switzerland has informed us that they wish to remain independent, but they will rely on our military forces for protection. We haven't yet talked to the Netherlands or Luxembourg. We offer Sebia and the KF a 10 year peace treaty.
  20. The Korean Federation have founded their very own space program. It is called the Korean Space Agency, or KSA for short. It is currently going to be used to make small satellites.

    A leaked document has emerged from within the Korean Federation's border to other nations in the world. It states that the Koreans are slowly killing the Japanese in Japan. The person who leaked this document has been arrested for fraud and forging government documents - the President, Kim Jong-Il, would like to assure the rest of the world that this is not happening, and that the Japanese are only being discriminated against because of what they did prior to 1986 to Koreans.

    Kim Jong-Il has also secured his second term as President of the Korean Federation.
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