[Forum Game] Mob Of The Deceased

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  1. San Francisco, 1940

    You are part of a gang. You are walking along the streets when a figure that looks like someone from the enemy mob staggering along. You pull out your weapon and shoot him in the head. The figure drops dead. And then you hear a bloodcurdling cry. And from all directions, staggering figures surround you!!! You shoot all of them dead. Now you know something's fishy, and you turn over one of the figure's face. You almost faint. His face is grey, eyes glowing faintly, worms sticking out of his forehead. So now you know you're dealing with zombies!!! What do you do??? Do you run and hide? Or do you stay and run??? The choice is up to you.

    To play this game, simply fill out this application for:
    Mob Name:
    Weapon: (Either the .44 Magnum or the M1911. Both are good for starters. Magnum has more damage than M1911.)
    Mobsters: (The number of people you have in your mob. Cannot exceed 2 until your game starts.)
    Ability: (Either Juggernog or Fast Reload. Juggernog means more health, Fast Reload makes you reload faster.)

    1) I have to approve of your application before you can play.
    2) The possibilities are endless. So be creative!!!
    3) You can't be absurd, like: I looted a building and got a Wunderwaffe DG-2!!!
    Here's my application:
    Mob Name: Omega
    Weapon: M1911 (Faster reload, bigger mag, more accuracy.)
    Mobsters: 2
    Ability: Juggernog

    This map was inspired by Mob Of The Dead, a new zombies map for Black Ops II :)