[Forum Game] Making movies better

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  1. Which movies would be better if the main character was played by Mr. Bean?

    Inspired by:
  2. In the Star Wars episode 7 scene where Finn and Rey were running from the tie fighters, Jar Jar Binks happened to be working in a market stall and didn't notice the attack from above (because he's stupid, duh). A tie fighter flew over Jar Jar's stall and blew him up. And Jar Jar Binks never made another appearance in any future Star Wars film ever again.
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  3. and mr bean piloted that tie fighter? ^.^
  4. Movies would be better with actual butter popcorn
  5. real butter, not that fake butter, Yum, with a nice drink with Rum, in the theaters... and yes, they have it, VIP Ciniplex. :D
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