|FORUM GAME| Ironic ways to die

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Porphos, Aug 17, 2013.

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    After fighting an enraged creeper, you survive the explosion and receive 7 diamonds, but the explosion lags so it happens while you collect the loot. It sends you flying back into a pit. You die from fall damage.
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  2. If that happened I would definitely never go into the wild again
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  3. i fell in a hole with diamond armor, a diamond sword, and my bow that has Power 5 Unbreaking 3 Flame 2 Infinity 1. Luckily I just lost my pants.
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  4. lol
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  5. hey on satuday i wen to the wild with porphos and timuthore and guess what he died and then porphos died and then i had to get the stuff. its like timuthore is bad luck or something
  6. If while building a mob farm, a mob you're farming kills you, and you drop your head.
  7. Whilst burning down a forest 10k blocks away from home, to clear some land out for a base, get burnt to a crisp and back at your home, creepers clear out your house...