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  1. (Yes, I used TWD walkers. Sue me).

    The world has been infected with a deadly virus overnight. It's been developing for years and infected everyone, and became deadly. It caused the apocalypse. It made the dead rise again and eat the living. Everyone is infected. All it takes is a bite or scratch and you are hours, maybe even minutes, away from death. Even a normal cut that becomes infected will you kill you in minutes.

    What do you do?:
    You make your character survive for as long as possible in a post-apocalyptic world. Everyone dies eventually. It's how long you can prolong it that matters. You have to scavenge for food and water, think about what you do, and fight hordes of zombies and people.
    Maybe even form groups.

    Apply sheet:
    Starting Kit:
    Strength: (this will change over time. You can start with 1-5, and build up to 10 maximum):
  2. Edited. You can now apply :3
  3. Name: Jay
    Age: 24
    Appearance: Slim-built, Caucasian, Long hair and has stubble.
    Occupation: Ex town Cop.
    Starting Kit: Can of Monster Energy, Hunting Knife, rucksack.
    Strength: 5
    Skills: Hunting, Stealth, and level-headed.
    Weaknesses: Easy to anger, easy to get drunk, emotional.
  4. Name: Zoe Cordially
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Blonde hair, green eyes, tall.
    Occupation: Student
    Starting Kit: Food, Water, Machete, Motorcycle
    Strength: (this will change over time. You can start with 1-5, and build up to 10 maximum): 4
    Skills: Fighting, running, hiding, eating.
    Weaknesses: Eating, OCD
  5. Accepted :3
  6. Name: Jake (Unknown Second name)
    Age: 27
    Appearance: Dark brown short hair, brown eyes, average size
    Occupation: Science lab technician (for a school)
    Starting Kit: First aid kit, kitchen knife, Water, Small amount of food
    Strength: (this will change over time. You can start with 1-5, and build up to 10 maximum): 4
    Skills: Good Medical Skills, Computer expert, hiding, hunting
    Weaknesses: Slow, Panics easy.
  7. Jay wakes up in his bed. Funny...his phone alarm clock didn't go off this morning. He opens his curtains, and opens his window. He smells the air and it smells of...death.
    Jay opens his eyes, and a devastated town in Colorado greets him. He puts his vest on, covers it with his leather jacket, and puts his denim jeans a converse on. He walks down the stairs. There is a man standing in his kitchen.
    "Hey...? What are you doing in my house?" he asks the person.

    It turns around, flesh in its mouth, and its eyes flutter open. It sees Jay. And it screams at him.
  8. Zoe wakes up and looks out her window, she sees a man, not just an ordinary man, a man who is bloody and beaten, but still walking. She blinks and shakes her head. She still sees him.
  9. Accepted.
  10. The thing runs at Jay. He sidesteps, and it trips up and hits the floor. He looks over by the kitchen counter. A pipe on the wall.
    He runs over to it, but the thing grabs his leg, tripping him up. He smacks the side of his head on the counter, which blurs his vision. He kicks and thrashes about, getting the thing in the face. It flails backwards. Jay gets up, and rips the pipe off the wall. The thing gets back up and runs over to him. He whacks it in the face with the pipe, slamming its head the wall. Its skin gets stuck to the wall, and as it moves its head, the skin peels off. Jay stares in curiosity. He whacks it again, splattering its skull all over the wall.

    He breathes heavily. "What the hell is going on?" he asks himself.
  11. *The man sees Zoe, and looks up at her. He walks over to her door, and begins to back on it, groaning*
  12. Jake wakes up with a hangover from the night before, he gets dressed and goes downstairs to get some painkillers for his headache. He turns on the TV to watch the morning news, He sees the headlines and is immediately confused. He sees 'Breaking News!: Undead Infection spreads across the world' And is told by the newsreader to stay inside your house, barricade your windows and doors and wait for the police/army to come to evacuate. Jake turns off the TV straight away and goes back to sleep. He is still distorted from the night before.
  13. Jay walks over to his window. "What the hell...?" he says as he sees bloody messes all over the floor, and dead-looking people shambling about the road. "Jesus... What the hell happened... I gotta get my wife... where the HELL IS MY WIFE?" he shouts, attracting dead to his house. They begin to bang on his door. "Where...where is she?..." he asks himself. He realizes she went to go and get food a few minutes before he woke up. "DAMNIT!" he yells.

    He opens his front door, atleast 6 dead people pour in through is house, more of them coming towards him as he stepped backwards. "You abominations WANT SOME OF THIS? COME ON THEN!!!!" he yells, smacking two of them in the head with the pipe. They both splatter onto the floor. A zombie comes up from the side him. He kicks it over to his wall, and jumps at it, stabbing it in the chest with the pipe. Nothing. It reaches at him, attempting to claw his face. He stabs it in the head with the pipe. He kicks it over, and turns around and hits another zombie in the head with the pipe. There were too many of them. He legs it for the window, smashing it as he jumps through. He lands in a puddle of glass. "Dammit" he says, as he gets up and runs for the supermarket 2 blocks away.
  14. Jake later wakes up 2 hours later to the sound of banging at the door and groaning. He opens the blind slightly in a discreet way and sees some people who have blood all over them. He shouts 'What do you want?' To no reply and then says 'Am i being pranked, am i on some kind of gameshow here' He then hears a woman screaming loudly and then sees a ambulance rush down his street, the undead are following it, he looks stunned.
  15. Zoe screams in a high pitch and runs to find her parents and sister, she hoped that she was hallucinating, but When she had gotten her sister and they went to find their parents, they were gone.
  16. *The undead break into the ambulance, tearing flesh out of the window. They break the doors and devour the medics inside*
    Jay legs it into the supermarket, flinging open the door. "BETH!" he shouts. "BETH, WHERE ARE YOU?" he shouts. A bullet hits the wall next to him. He dive-rolls behind some diapers. Another shot, this time, it hits the window, smashing it. He circles around the stand.
    A shop owner, looking scared, looks around. Jay charges at him, making him drop his shotgun onto the floor and pins him against a stand. "You're not one of them.." says the shop owner. "What the hell do you mean 'one of them'? One of those dead things? OF COURSE I'M NOT ONE OF THEM!" he shouts, throwing the shop owner to the floor.
    He picks up his shotgun. "Where's my wife?" he asks. "I don't know" says the shop owner. Jay cocks the gun and aims it at the shop owner. "WHERE IS SHE?" he screams. The shop owner shouts his wife's name. Jay's wife comes out of the toilet, running to Jay.
    "He tried to feed me to those things..." she whispers. Jay pushes her away, picking up the shop owner into the air. "YOU DID WHAT?" he says, throwing the shop owner to one side. He aims his shotgun at the shop owner. He shoots.
  17. Jay walks along. He hacks down zombies with his pipe as he walks along.
    "What do you think these things are?" he says to Beth.
    "I don't know..." she says, wincing in pain as she talks.
    "What's wrong?" asks Jay.
    "Nothing. Nothing's wrong." she says, attempting to conceal a bite.
    "No. I see it. One of those things bit you... they look like they have rabies and bacteria all over those teeth. That could be fatal" says Jay.
    "No. It IS fatal. The bacteria infects you...turns you into one of them" says Beth.
    Jay looks over her shoulder. He begins to cry. "Why...why did this have to happen?" he asks. Beth screams, and Jay readies his pipe as several zombies drag her to the floor, eating her alive. "BETH!" he screams, hitting two of them with the pipe.
    "G-g....go..." says Beth, her voice fading. Jay's rage meter filled to the top. He killed the two he knocked down, and killed the rest, bashing Beth's brains all over the floor to prevent her from turning. "WHY" he screams, a horde quickly approaching a few meters behind him.
    *A horde passes in front Jake's house*
    *A horde begins to pass Zoe's house, and the zombies break down her door*
  18. All the undead that were beating down Jake's door have now been attracted to the passing ambulance, the undead run down the street after the ambulance while another horde from another street also follow. Jake runs into the kitchen straight away and finds the sharpest knife he can get he then runs outside after the ambulance, he shouts 'WAIT!!'.The undead break into the ambulance, tearing flesh out of the window. They break the doors and devour the medics inside. A woman comes running out of the ambulance with a horde after her. She shouts 'Help!!! Help!!!'. Jake grabs the girl and they both run into his house. He locks the door and hides in the cellar.
  19. *Jake hears the doors and windows break down and zombies flood his house*

    Jay turns around, hearing masses of loud groans behind him. He sees the horde.
    "Holy hell...what the hell is that?!?!" he says as the horde approaches him faster. He has no idea where to run, so he bolts it forward. He turns around, realizing he is following the horde's path and at the same time leading it. He turns around, smacking a zombie in the face with his pipe. He runs forward to a door, trying to open it. It doesn't budge, and the horde begins to enclose around him. He runs through an alleyway, and comes back out at the end of the horde. They turn around to face him.

    Jay bolts it up the road again, hacking down zombies as he goes. He jumps in through a broken window and through the house, ignoring the zombies trying to get him that have flooded the building. He flips open a door, closes it behind him and runs down into a cellar. He looks around in the dark, and sees Jake and the woman crouched in a corner.
    "I'm sorry I broke into your house..." says Jay, collapsing to the floor in a break down.