[FORUM GAME] Imagine EMC...

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  1. It's simple, simply to dis...

    PLAYER987 Posted:

    Mother of God
    Imagine EMC with no Griefers...

    PLAYER123 Posted:

    God Please

    Imagine EMC with No Plugins

    Post an Answer then your question, it must begin with "Imagine EMC...".

    I'll start. :)

    Imagine EMC with No Infinite Fireworks.
  2. Imagine EMC without a ruined economy.
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  3. Imagine EMC without religious debates.
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  4. Imagine EMC without...Erm... the LLO...

    I couldn't think of anything else. It's either too painful to think about, already answered, or I have too much of an empty-head to come up with it.
  5. Imagine EMC with no rupees:eek:
  6. Imagine EMC w/o all it's epicness :O
  7. Imagine EMC without its awesome community :)
  8. Imagine EMC without me XD
  9. Imagine EMC without eggifying, and no mob limits.
  10. Imagine EMC without Town:O
  11. Imagine EMC... as a Failed Server
  12. Imagine EMC without supporters.
    Imagine EMC if ICC never joined.
    Imagine EMC if it wasn't owned by Justinguy.
  13. Imagine EMC as... a pvp server.
  14. Imagine EMC without Aikar.
  15. Imaging EMC if griefing was allowed
  16. Same thing.

    Imagine if plots had to be bought.
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  17. Imagine if Emc never existed...
    Imagine if Emc had a troll sensing system that banned trolls/griefers immediately. I wish...

  18. Imagine EMC if SYSTEM was half decent.
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  19. I'm imagining... Aaaaaaaand I'm done
  20. The Eggifying, i am like really glad to have. Cause walking across the entire map to get animals to your res was terrible.